Feezily brings major improvement to the binding of advisers/agents when an unresolved agent is discovered.

Previously in Feezily when processing a provider revenue file, if an agent/adviser could not be resolved the user was presented with an option to choose to bind to an existing adviser with a name that has the closest match.
The name contained in provider files can be the adviser name or the CAR name (or sometimes both) - depending on the provider.
Previously Feezily only attempted name matching on the adviser name, not their CAR and it only ever provided a single option to select from - the closest match.
In the latest release of Feezily comparisons are made against both adviser names and CAR names and, instead of return a single close match, the operator is presented with a set of matches - which can include both adviser name and CAR names.
Each possible match contains a button with "><" a binding symbol - simple click on that to bind the adviser to the correctly matches adviser or CAR name.