CommDIY is Filegroove's industry specific version that comes complete with pre-configured translations for transforming commission files from 30+ product providers

CommDIY - makes it easy for anyone to implement "Do It Youself" commissions data file processing.

No more manual editing, no more awkward and error prone Copy/Pastes in Excel or running semi automatic, unmaintainable Excel macros written by that "guru" who left 5 years ago.

CommDIY is a cloud based, easy to use, service that can transform financial adviser commission files via any method you prefer:
  • Source file upload/Transformed file download via our easy to use Web interface
  • Secure FTP
  • Email
  • CommDIY API
Reduce costs, reduce human errors and increase productivity. CommDIY is your key to cost savings and greater efficiency.

As part of the service we will tailor the output format to suit your downstream processing system e.g. a CRM or accounting system etc.,