FinGroove/MorGroove now support configurable adviser/broker commissions.

The commission % can be set to a default across the whole adviser business/brokerage and can also be set individually on any adviser/broker. If an individual adviser/broker commission % is not set then it inherits the value set for the adviser business/brokerage.

The data output from the FinGroove/MorGroove system (the format of which can be freely customized to suit your processing system) includes both the gross commission amounts received by the business plus the permission calculated from the configured commission %.

This makes is much easier for businesses that calculate and pay agents (advisers/brokers) based on a % of commission they have earned for the business.

Below is a screen shot of FinGroove's Agency Administration page where details of an agency (i.e. a brokerage or financial advice business) and all agents are configured.