Forget expensive solutions, avoid the time spent on error prone manual processing. Use CommDIY to automatically transform financial advise, insurance and payroll data inexpensively

Now anyone can perform data transformation of commission or payroll data in any format, transforming it to the format required by your downstream processing system.

There are no up front costs - pay as you go with very low transformation rates.

Simply provide us with your required output format and a couple of sample source files and we will configure CommDIY for you at no cost.

Then to perform the data transformations you have a number of options:
  • Manual: via the CommDIY portal - upload source file/download transformed file
  • API: have your system submit the source file and receive the transformed file via our easy to use API
  • Email: submit source files via email and have the transformed files returned via email or downloaded via the portal.
  • SFTP: submit source files via SFTP and have the transformed files returned via SFTP or download via the portal.