File Processing

File processing is where all the file processing action happens.


The file processing page is accessed by clicking the "File processing" button on the home page.

Main Features

The following screen shot shows the main features of the File processing page:

Basic Operation

To transform a product provider file:
  1. Select the appropriate option from the drop down list labeled "Product provider that produced the file"
  2. Ensure that the name of your file meets any naming requirements. Some aggregators require that the date be embedded at the start of the filename. For example YYMMDD-rest of filename.ext. Others do not. Some product providers do not provide any agency identification within the contents of the file. This must be provided in the filename.
    For details on whether a file has special naming requirements click on the "Instructions" tab and this will give any 'product provider specific' instructions based on the product provider that was selected in Step 1.
  3. Click 'Browse' and select the file to be uploaded and transformed.
  4. Click 'Upload' and this will upload the file and then start the transformation process.
Each uploaded file will initiate a process within the FinGroove system that will continue until one of the following outcomes occur:
  1. The file is transformed successfully - the process will then reside in the "Completed - Success" list of processes
  2. The process experiences an error which the user can rectify - the process will reside in the "In progress" list of processes.
    Rectifiable errors are typically agent (adviser/broker) 'binding' issues which can be easily rectified in the agency configuration page. Read more about rectifying binding issues under 'Agency Configuration'.
    After the user has rectified the error they can tell FinGroove to resume the process to continue processing the file by clicking on "Manual tasks", finding the task in question and clicking on the "Perform" button in the Action column and specifying whether to resume or abort the process.
  3. The process experiences an error which is not rectifiable by the user - the process will reside in the "Completed - Error" list of processes.
The user can view the different process lists: "Success", "Error" and "In progress" by selecting options in the drop down list labeled "Show processes in state".